Contributors, Hosts, Recruiters, Facilitators 
John Boon J.D. – President of 2050 Knowledge Corp. and HKMK Law Canada – is the primary presenter of these training products, but they involve more than the professional speaking services of one person.
A range of other professionals and sector leaders contribute insights and expertise to make these products relevant and useful.
Contributors are active and have expertise in their fields – executives, lawyers, other professionals, business and community leaders, writers, academics, government officials and journalists.
Contributors are not collaborators or partners in legal terms. Consumer contracts are solely with 2050 Knowledge Corporation. Exceptions are rare. The benefits for contributors and agreement terms vary. 
In addition to content contributors and presenters we also work with external recruiters, promoters, hosts and facilitators. Terms of agreement vary. 
Contact Us about possible roles as:
Content Contributor, Producer, Presenter
Facilitator (For Existing Content)
Event and Training Host
Recruiter, Promoter
Transactions | Payments

In most cases you will register or make a purchase or payment by following instructions and clicking on links within the notice for the specific product or event.

For one demand products you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link allowing product access.

For direct payments to 2050 Knowledge Corporation you can use the mail, email payments (preferred) or this link.

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For direct payments to HKMK Law Canada you use the mail (See Contact Us), email payments ( or the same link above.

If you have questions or problems arise please Contact Us.