Global Citizens, Business and Modern States

These sessions focus on what every global citizen, student, worker and business person must know to live, work and do business within modern States and globally. The political, legal and social context underpins it all.

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Law School In Hours

These sessions touch on the political, legal and social underpinnings of legal systems, but focus on specific areas of law that must be grasped by citizens, workers, business persons, consumers and investors.

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Education Futures | Disruptive Innovation

Commercial Reality, Law, Innovation and Opportunity | John Boon J.D.

Disruptive (positive) innovation is raging through the education sector – just as it did with publishing, broadcasting, film and other media content sectors. This book (out of print) and now modular programs help students, institutions and regulators navigate new terrain and drive rather than just adapt to change.

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See Links Below Also | These free resources provide lists of key media sources, leaders and innovators associated with education sector innovation. We recommend regular monitoring of many of these education media sources.

Media, Leaders, Innovators
Production, Tutors, Assessment
Credential Evaluation

Seminar | BC Private Training Act, Nov. 24, 2016

This event examines a variety of laws that apply to the private training sector – with a focus on BC’s new Private Training Act.

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Core Principles of Higher Ed | Education Freedom Key – Not Free Education

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Student-Institution Contracts |  Core Inclusions |  Limited Government Power

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See Also: Work Integrated Learning (Institutions and Third Parties)

Contracts, Regulation and Competency Based Education (Not Credit Hour Based)

Includes | The Legal Side of Innovative Assessment, Credential and Credential Evaluation Systems

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Institutions and Third Party Interests | Third Party Interests and Institutions

How Institutions, Recruiters and Students Can and Must Modify Legal Relationships
How Institutions, Immigration Consultants or Lawyers and Students Must Modify Legal Relationships
Institutions and Third Party Services – The Quest for Efficiencies – Unsound Government Restrictions

Contracts and Regulation for Effective Workplace Integrated Learning

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Contract Precedents for Education Sector | Including BC PTA

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How Students and Institutions Can Avoid and Manage Contract Disputes

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Will include
Why Most Institution Ranking Systems Are Useless
Why Students Must Be Wary of Student Service Groups

Institution and Third Party (Non-Government) Accreditors

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How Education Regulators Can Meet Challenges and Adapt To Change

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Respecting Public Law and Private Law Distinctions
Education Service Product Quality In Legal Terms – How Regulators Get It Wrong
Negative Results of Mixing Quality Assurance, Loan, Study Permit and Other Risk Sets
Legal Problems With Federal-Provincial Institution Designations for Loan and Study Permit Programs
How To Solve Post Grad Work Permit Issues and Private Sector Exclusion

Distinguishing Branding Programs and Regulation
The Case and Need for Decentralized Accreditation
Case Study | Ten Major Problems With the BC Private Training Act
The Desperate Need for National and International Standards (not government imposed)