Global Citizens, Business and Modern States

These sessions focus on what every global citizen, student, worker and business person must know to live, work and do business within modern States and globally. The political, legal and social context underpins it all.

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Law School In Hours

These sessions touch on the political, legal and social underpinnings of legal systems, but focus on specific areas of law that must be grasped by citizens, workers, business persons, consumers and investors.

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Business and Legal Precedents | Contracts, Policies | Subscriptions

Business persons and consumers must understand contract law, contract instruments and how they are distinct from business policy and public law regulation. Business development and effective operations depend on stakeholder relationships that are well structured, documented and understood. Precedent products are a step in that direction for smaller enterprises, but are not a replacement for direct lawyer services.

Contract and Document Precedents | Subscriptions

Education Sector Precedents | PTA Compliant