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These training products meet general and specific needs and can be further customized to meet specific demand. A training product may appear in more than one category or bundle. Many have broad relevance and cost savings are possible if multiple products are registered for. Contact us for bundles not listed.

  • Training products do not constitute legal advice – even if legal subjects are addressed. 2050 Knowledge Corp. is not a law firm and only it contracts with training consumers.
  • We generally don’t assess students or grant credentials. A person can ask credit grantors if and how their work and knowledge can be assessed or recognized for credit purposes.

Training product notices outline current availability. | Scheduled – On Site – Online | On Demand – On Site – Online

1. Law and Life – Global Citizenship – Law School In Hours 

Global Citizenship – Life and Business | More Information >> Register

Law School In Hours | More Information >> Register


2. Education – Work – Business – Now – The Future

Education Futures | More Information >> Register

Working Now – The Future of Work | More Information >> Register

Workplace Integrated Learning | More Information >> Register

Student Recruitment Services | More Information >> Register

Student Contract Management | More Information >> Register

Student Loans – Institution Designations | More Information >> Register

Post Grad Work (Canada)  | More Information >> Register


3. Subscription Services 

Subscribed Contract Services – Training | More Information >> Register