Proposed Temporary Modular Housing Project – 215 W. 1st Ave., Vancouver BC


There are multiple views on this proposed TMH development. Those in favor believe society must care for needy populations. Those opposed – in the vast majority of cases – also believe that, but also believe the area does more than its share to help. They feel the burdens must be shared more broadly and fear inadequate planning could easily change the nature of the community built up during the past decade.

Many submissions argue that the City must stop the project and establish new planning and bylaw systems for City driven developments on City land and interim plans that constrain City actions in the proposed site area.

  • Innovation and evidence based policy are required – not this kind of unaccountable experimentation.
  • The City proceeds with rare speed because money is available. That is a recipe for bad projects.
  • The City takes a heavy handed and an only we know best approach to a highly impactful project.
  • The City has disrespected and failed to seriously seek or consider the views of those most impacted.
  • The City has been dishonest and misleading with its communications.
  • The City has undermined community goodwill needed to address these serious housing issues.
  • The City and its agents or partners want to proceed with new projects when they have not successfully controlled the negative impacts of existing similar projects.
  • They want to load more burdens on residents of the area that are already doing far more to address these problems than residents in any other part of the City.
  • The project points to serious problems with projects where the City is the landowner and – alone or with agents and partners – effectively the developer and long term landlord and manager. This can result in subversion or avoidance of normal and needed political and legal controls on planning, development and management. New plans and bylaws are needed to ensure public accountability.
  • The proposed 215 West 1st TMH project must not proceed until the City does analysis, planning and consultation worthy of the vital City land in question and the surrounding communities.
  • New planning and bylaw systems for City or government driven projects on City land must be quickly established to ensure accountability to the community.
  • To avoid arbitrary, inadequately planned and unaccountable projects, a formal interim plan for the City land between Olympic Village and the Cambie bridge and north of first avenue must be developed and adhered to until the comprehensive plan is concluded and executed.

Scheduled City Meetings

Meetings are scheduled with the City on July 18 and 19, 2018 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Beaumont Studios at 326 W. 5th Avenue, Vancouver.

These are not normal or comprehensive consultations. Despite the controversial nature of the project the City has made it clear in private conversations and in their communications that they only want to talk about project lighting and a few other matters of lesser importance than the nature and location of the project.


The City and its agents or partners – and BC Housing – are trying to ram this through with no real community input, analysis or planning. Money became available and they just forged ahead. They have admitted this in private meetings.

Some of the submissions here address the need for immediate changes to how the City develops its own land. It is avoiding scrutiny and normal political and legal controls on developments are non-existent. The City is acting with unwise and undue haste and not making itself accountable (See Submissions).

No matter what happens with this project, area residents should ensure all candidates for election in the fall municipal elections be forced to state their positions on these types of projects and how they are pursued by the City. The submissions below address many of these issues.

Site Maps – Maps of Other Special Housing Projects in Southeast False Creek Area

Map of Current Special Needs Housing Units in SE False Creek Area


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John Boon J.D.

Updates – Next Steps | After City Meetings July 18-19

Updates – Next Steps | John Boon J.D. – July 21, 2018

The Proposed Site and Building

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