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John Boon J.D. – President of 2050 Knowledge Corp. – is one presenter of these training products.

Other service professionals, executives and sector leaders contribute insights and expertise to make these products as relevant, comprehensive, probative and useful as possible.

We can channel, promote and amplify the work of these contributors. Content contributors achieve content marketing and business development objectives.

1. They may pay us a fee for product development so their target groups can participate for free.
2. We can pay a production or licensing fee or share training product revenue.
3. Some contributors are satisfied with content marketing benefits. They can access leading edge: registration and payment systems; and training management and promotion systems. Many are not active enough in these areas to warrant having their own similar systems.

Note: If contributors provide contact or other information it is used within parameters set by the contributor. Unless otherwise agreed, it remains the sole property of and is controlled by the contributor.

Other persons and firms assist with the training product organization, hosting, promotion and recruiting. Benefits include: fees for services; revenue sharing; personal, professional and business networking

Contributors are not collaborators, affiliates or partners in legal terms. Training products are offered and provided only by 2050 Knowledge Corporation. Exceptions and cases of joint action are rare.

We are – not a speakers’ bureau that serves corporations or event managers looking for speakers – not an agent for speakers looking for presentation opportunities – and not an intermediary that facilitates presenter and learner contract relations.

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