John Boon J.D. | 2050 Knowledge Corp. | HKMK Law Canada

John Boon J.D. owns and operates 2050 Knowledge Corporation and HKMK Law Canada. John is a business lawyer (licensed to practice in Canada), consultant , writer, speaker and educator.

John's unique set of personal, business and professional experiences contribute to his professional services and training initiatives. 

John's path began from a small prairie farm and eight years in a one room schoolhouse. Several years in broadcast political journalism and later government work preceded a move to  Vancouver where he has helped manage client businesses and practised business, education and workplace law. Training and speaking projects were always a major focus.  

2050 Knowledge Corp. provides training products only. It does not provide legal services or advice even if its products address legal issues. John Boon and a range of external professionals and sector leaders contribute to these training products.  

John still practices law with HKMK Law Canada - primarily for select corporate clients and with a continued focus on: business law and management; education, workplace and professions management and law; and study and work related immigration. 


John has a degree in Political and Economic Studies (With Great Distinction) and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) Law Degree (1984) from the University of Saskatchewan. He is a practising member of the British Columbia Law Society.

John moved from Saskatchewan to BC in 1988. From 1984 until 1987, he was a businessman and a senior policy and legal analyst with the Saskatchewan Department of Justice where he headed extensive programs of business law reform and enforcement. Prior to 1984 he was a student, businessman, broadcaster and political journalist.

John has pursued an extensive program of self-study that includes post-graduate international business courses in London, UK (87-88).

He holds a certificate in International Trade from the Forum for International Trade Training. FITT was founded by: Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters; Canadian Chamber of Commerce; Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters; World Trade Centres Canada; Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade; and Industry Canada.

John has decades of experience in the practice of business, education and workplace law and similar experience in small business management. 

John enjoys non-fiction reading, sports and spending time with his daughters and grand daughters. 


John's past and current work, in public and private sectors, has involved public law regulation, contract management and business management in diverse sectors. 

  • Canadian and international education sector management, regulation and innovation.
  • Workplace and professions management, regulation and reform.
  • Business and corporation management. Consumer protection. 
  • Employment law, non-employment service providers.
  • Workplace integrated learning.
  • Privacy and personal information. Private investigation management and regulation. 
  • Financial services, securities law, insurance - money laundering, terrorist financing.
  • Real estate development. First nations. Environmental law.
  • Film production and distribution (classification, censorship). Media and broadcasting.
  • Aeronautics, airline tour management.
  • Student and foreign worker immigration. International student recruitment. 
  • International business and trade Law
  • Joint venture, shareholder and affiliation relationships.