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“The only way to counter the dark vision peddled by extremists is to have an uplifting positive vision.” Bono 2018.

2050 Knowledge Corp. provides onsite and online training products for global learners. 

Success and security for every person or group depend on the knowledge and ingenuity they can draw on – when they pursue their goals and address challenges. 

Modern learning and leadership require innovative education, training, workplace and enterprise systems that in turn depend on functional service and regulatory states – with public and private elements.

No one can ever take fragile liberties, private rights of action and association, democratic principles, stability, security and prosperity for granted or isolate themselves from matters of state and enterprise.

Building these systems locally and globally is an essential and grand endeavour that requires private and public sector innovation and protection of key legacy principles.

In pursuit of these innovation and legacy protection goals – 2050 Knowledge Corp. provides global training products focused on: 
  1. Reformed governance and systems of justice.
  2. Protection and enhancement of private rights – empowerment and wise regulation of private enterprise.
  3. Reimagined and integrated systems of education, work and enterprise.

NOTE: New 2050 Knowledge Site and Online Store Coming Soon. 

2050 Knowledge Corp. | Website | Online Store