Contract and Document Precedents
Available – Contract Precedents | $100.00 Per Month + 5% GST
2050 Knowledge Corporation works with practising lawyers to increase access to legal services and legal service products. That is done in this case with access to contract and document precedents.
Practising lawyers provide these precedents to 2050 Knowledge Corporation and only it contracts with subscribers. No lawyer/client relationships exist. Providing precedents is not the practice of law.
For a monthly fee, a firm or person can access bundles of contract and business document precedents.
Contracts allow for reasonably general application. Differences are facilitated with variable information isolated in schedules. Contracts are written in simple language, but they reflect legal language or facts drawn from case law and past client experiences. Digital or online signatures and assent are possible.
In many cases, a full contract precedent is not provided and the user can access a series of possible contract provisions that may apply to their circumstances. Contracts do not have to be one single document. Modern and user friendly contract management practices can involve many formats. For example, a series of provisions on separate website pages can be used and contract parties can assent to each one if the entire contract context is clear.
Users can use the entire contract precedent or choose to use what they feel they want and need.
Subscribed Services - Current Contract and Document Precedents
  1. Workplace Contracts
    1. Employment and independent service contracts.
    2. Three distinct workplace integrated learning contracts (institution-student, institution and workplace host, student and workplace host).
    3. Agency contracts
    4. Terminations
    5. Workplace restrictive covenants.
  2. Education Sector Contracts 
    1. Institution and student contracts – letters of acceptance (interim and conditional contracts).
    2. Three distinct workplace integrated learning contracts (Above).
    3. Recruitment and referral contracts.
    4. Immigration consultant contracts.
    5. Articulation and credit transfer agreements – multiple institutions.
    6. Institution and external third-party contracts (to utilize external expertise and assets).
  3. Business Contracts and Documents
    1. Asset or share sales.
    2. Conditional sales – consignment.
    3. Disclaimers and releases.
    4. Flight training rental and utilization.
    5. Franchises
    6. Guarantees – joint ventures, partnerships and shareholder relations, buy-sell – licensing and intellectual property – loans – non-disclosure and confidentiality – privacy and personal information protection – real estate – service supply – e-commerce – technology sales and licensing.
Subscribed Services - Terms of Use
The following terms of use apply to subscribed services that involve training product bundles or contract precedent systems. 
  1. The Parties to this Contract are 2050 Knowledge Corporation (the Corporation) and the Client.
  2. The Corporation does not provide legal and management services or advice to specific clients where client specific facts are considered.
  3. The client is advised to consult legal or management professionals for client-specific services.
  4. Users only have a limited licence to use products and precedents for their personal or corporate use – and any use beyond these terms is a violation of the Corporation’s copyright or this contract. 
  5. Services can be cancelled by either party at any time for any reason.
  6. Monthly charges paid in advance are not refundable and no cancellation fee is charged.
  7. Clients must maintain a credit card on record.
  8. No other services are provided unless expressly agreed.
  9. Any list of contracts is not exhaustive. Failure to provide a listed contract is not breach of contract.
  10. Payment of first month fees constitutes assent to these terms. The card is then used for recurring monthly payments.