Life and Law - Part 2 - Law School in Hours - Access to Justice
Presented By 2050 Knowledge Corporation – Speaker – John Boon, J.D.
For … everyone – because legal systems and many areas of law impact them when they live, work and do business. 

Four out of four. Enjoyed it greatly! John made the law interesting and fascinating.” Student

“John did an absolutely first-class job of summarizing a lot of material concisely.”- T. Morrison.

“Superb presentation. Three years of law school in three hours. Wow. Fantastic.” Student, Langara

“I am interested in what goes on in the world and what I can do to succeed. I wanted to study law for a year to better understand the world. John gave me what I wanted in one day.” Student, Langara College


No one can isolate themselves from matters of state and enterprise. Functional service and regulatory states – grounded in liberty, democracy and rule of law – provide life support for all.

This session reviews the core subjects of a law school education – and what people must know about legal systems and specific laws when they live, work, do business, buy and sell, invest or have relationships.

No state is functional, democratic or rule of law based if citizens don’t have the rights and capacity to access systems of law and justice. 

This is not a Law 101 course. The presentation looks beyond technical rules and the “you must do this or can’t do that” approach. It helps people think legally – to analyze facts, identify legal issues and applicable laws, make decisions and act effectively to achieve goals and address challenges.

Greater legal knowledge can lead to: self-reliance; fewer legal problems; enhanced management and legal research skills; greater understanding of political, economic and commercial affairs.

Summary Outline - Papers and Articles Discussed
  1. Foundations – Review of Life and Law Part 1
    1. Management and Legal Principles 
    2. Entities (states – persons – corporations) – relationships – risks – freedoms – order – certainty.
    3. Modern States – Legal Systems – Constitutional Actors 
    4. Principles – Rights – Values – Rule of Law – Democracy – Functional States – No Template 
    5. Principles of State – Private Identity and Rights 
    6. Regulatory State – Services State – Functional or Failed States – Reforms 
    7. Risk management and mitigation – goals – intentions –  motives – goals.
  2. Private Law – Contracts – Tort – Property
    1. Private contract instruments – contract law – formation, termination, performance,  remedies.
    2. User friendly contract management – civil right of freedom of contract.
    3. Tort law – duties of care to not harm others – exist without agreements.
    4. Property law – personal, real and intellectual property – bundles of rights to “things”.
  3. Workplace and Business Law.
    1. Assembly, sale and distribution of goods and services – with the help of relationships with others and legal systems that order those relationships.
    2. Regulatory systems and risk management.
    3. Workplace law – contract law – public regulation – professions
    4. Duties and roles of shareholders, directors, managers, employees, external services.
    5. Business organizations – misuse of terms like partnership, alliance, joint venture.
    6. Corporate affairs and finance – shareholder rights and remedies.
    7. Commercial transactions – contract freedoms and relationships.
    8. Financing goods and services assembly – transaction finance.