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2050 Knowledge Corporation – based in Vancouver, Canada and active globally – provides training products that enhance the knowledge, competencies and capacities of individuals and private or public organizations.

The content focus is on the distinct, but interdependent affairs of the State and government authorities, private enterprises, citizens, workers, managers, investors and consumers.

Our training products are not just designed for public policy enthusiasts. They are designed to help all persons navigate a complex and at times incomprehensible world and achieve their goals or societal goals.

Stephen Covey, the famed management guru, said – how you see the problem is the problem. In short – you cannot solve it if you don’t understand it.

We focus on legal, management and business issues related to – Education Sectors, Workplaces and Enterprises – Healthcare, Legal, Daycare and Other Vital Private and Public Services. Modern Media and Journalism. 

This focus requires a broad focus on – Democratic and Functional Service and Regulatory States – public and private sector innovation and the need to balance it with the protection of long standing and hard fought for commercial and democratic principles.

Training Products

Presenters and Contributors | John Boon J.D. | Contributing Professionals

John Boon J.D. – President of 2050 Knowledge Corp. and HKMK Law Canada – is the primary presenter of these training products, but they involve more than the professional speaking services of one person.

Other professionals and sector leaders contribute insights and expertise to make these products relevant, useful and broader in scope.

Contributors are not collaborators or partners in legal terms. Training consumer contracts are with 2050 Knowledge Corporation. Contributors achieve their content marketing and business development objectives or earn service and licensing revenue. 

Contact Us about possible roles as:
Content Contributor, Producer, Presenter
Facilitator (For Existing Content)
Event and Training Host
Recruiter, Promoter 

Product Formats and Features

Scheduled | On-Demand 24/7 | Onsite | Online
Publicly Available | Customized for Select Private Parties
Written and Multi-Media Products | Podcasts, Vodcasts
Keynotes | Lectures | Courses, Classes | Seminar Presentations | Workshops
Interactive Forums | Dialogues | Debates

Integrated Institution, Workplace and Corporate Training
Post-Grad, Pre-Work and Pre-Business Programs
Business Development and Content Marketing Products
Program and Exam Preparation Programs

Note: We do not engage in assessments or grant credentials, but any person can ask potential credit grantors if and how their work and knowledge level can be assessed or recognized for credit purposes. 

Transactions | Payments

In most cases you will register or make a purchase or payment by following instructions and clicking on links within the notice for the specific product or event. Fees are variable. 

For scheduled bookings Contact Us – generally at least three weeks in advance of the intended date. Rates: $250.00 per hour – $2000.00 per day or half day – Plus disbursements. Fee may increase if specialized materials are required. 

For on demand products you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link allowing product access.

For direct payments to 2050 Knowledge Corporation you can use postal mail, email payments (preferred) or this link.| Payment Link

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