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2050 Knowledge Corporation provides training products that enhance the knowledge, competencies and capacities of individuals and private or public organizations.

The content focus is on emerging and continuing issues regarding the interdependent affairs of the State, private enterprises, citizens, workers, managers, investors and consumers. 

  • Functional (as opposed to Failed) states and the development and financing of vital public and private services that meet individual, enterprise and community needs.
  • Public and private sector innovation and the protection of core legacy political, economic, commercial and social principles and practices.
  • Political and economic globalization – international and intra-state trade – national and international standards – mobility of persons and enterprise. 
  • The regulatory State, public law regulation and the need to balance the need for regulation and avoidance of needless restrictions on commercial and personal liberty
  • Legal and justice system operations or reforms.
  • Education service, workplace, professions and business reforms and the need to:
    • secure personal and family income stability and growth in the face of inevitably increased trade and globalization of work and enterprise.
    • facilitate the growing emergence of diverse expertise and education service production – and innovative assessment and credentialing systems.
    • protect fundamental and contract freedoms to pursue the studies, expertise and work, business or professional opportunities of choice – not just those others needlessly restrict them to.
  • The new realities of business, education and work that present new challenges and opportunities.
  • Information management and privacy – public or private sector security and policing – private enterprise – media and journalism.

Current Products | 1

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Note: We generally do not engage in assessments or the granting of credentials, but any person can ask potential credit grantors if a product can be recognized for credit purposes. Examinations can be approved and administered directly by the credit grantor or in directly through third parties.