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Global Training | Content Focus: Law, Governance, Trade Economies, Business, Education, Work

2050 Knowledge Corporation has a Core Mission to provide training products that enhance the knowledge, competencies and goal achieving capacities of individuals and the organizations they own or serve. We don’t focus on War and Peace, but training products focus on the topical and interdependent affairs of  State and government, private enterprise and of the average person. 

The Purpose behind the Mission is to contribute to progressive social, political, legal, economic and business development. That requires greater stakeholder knowledge and dialogue that protect core legacy principles and drive positive development and innovation that create public and private systems suited to the 21st century.

Training focuses on serious and trending issues regarding Law, Government, Business, Education and Work. 

Products will interest: citizens (taxpayers, voters, buyers, sellers, learners, parents); families; students; colleges; workers; managers; professionals; investors; consumers; business persons; social enterprises; interest groups; political parties; elected officials; government agencies. All are impacted by and drive affairs of State and Enterprise.

  1. Functional versus failed states and their impact on persons, enterprise, economic and social development and international and intra-state conflict and violence. 
  2. The external State that interfaces with other States and the internal State that interfaces with citizens domestically.
  3. Political and economic globalization – international and intra-state trade – national and international standards (the tyranny of small differences) – mobility of persons and enterprise. 
  4. Public and private sector innovation – balancing legacy principles and the need for change.
  5. The self-interest of established nations to go beyond traditional aid programs and help build other states and international order – as it relates to conflict, migration, health, climate disruption and economic development. 
  6. Access to affordable housing, education, healthcare and other consumer goods and services.
  7. Access to justice and justice system reform – including access to legal expertise and services. 
  8. Public law regulatory systems and the need to balance the need for regulation and the need to avoid needless restrictions on commercial and personal liberty.
  9. Workplace reform and securing personal income stability and growth in the face of inevitably increased trade, competition and globalization of work and enterprise.
  10. Education system innovation – the need for more diverse and personalized programs – the reality of more diverse expertise and service production – new delivery, assessment and credentialing systems.
  11. How learners, workers and professionals can exercise fundamental and contract freedoms to access the studies and expertise they need to pursue opportunities of choice and not just those others needlessly restrict them to – breaking down unjustified admission, employment, business and professional gateways.    
Producers and Presenters | John Boon J.D. | Professional Contributors 

John Boon – of HKMK Law Corporation in Vancouver Canada – is the primary presenter and producer of these training products. Other professionals contribute expertise so a broad range of subjects are adequately covered.

Contributors are active and have expertise in their fields – executives, lawyers, other professionals, business leaders, interest groups, writers, academics, government officials, thought leaders and journalists.

Presentations and productions may create revenue or licensing opportunities for contributors and help them achieve business development and content marketing objectives.  

Contributors are not collaborators or partners in legal terms. Consumer contracts are solely with 2050 Knowledge Corporation. Exceptions are rare. 

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Note: We generally do not engage in assessments or the granting of credentials, but any person can ask potential credit grantors if a product can be recognized for credit purposes. Examinations can be approved and administered directly by the credit grantor or in directly through third parties.