Global Training for Life, Work, Enterprise and Governance

2050 Knowledge Corporation – based in Vancouver, Canada and active globally – provides training products that enhance the knowledge, competencies and capacities of individuals and private or public organizations.

The content focus is on the distinct, but interdependent affairs of the State and government authorities, private enterprises, citizens, workers, managers, investors and consumers.

Our training products are not just designed for policy wonks that continually consume news and public affairs programs and publications.

They are designed to help all persons better understand and navigate a complex and at times incomprehensible world and achieve their goals or broad societal goals.

Presenters and Contributors | John Boon J.D. | Contributing Professionals

John Boon J.D. – President of 2050 Knowledge Corp. and HKMK Law Canada – is the primary presenter of these training products, but they involve more than the professional speaking services of one person.

A range of other professionals and sector leaders contribute insights and expertise to make these products relevant and useful.

As Stephen Covey, the famed management guru, once said (Seven Habit of Successful People) – how you see the problem is the problem.

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Current Training Products

Our current training products and programs generally fall within two broad and interdependent categories.

Law, Government and Business
Education Sectors, Workplaces and Business.

  • The modern State – external international dimensions – internal constitutional and citizen dimensions.
  • How failed states and more functional states – with their public and private elements – impact global and national security, political stability, social progress and economic development.
  • How vital private and public services – legal, professional, education, healthcare, media, journalism (others) – workplaces and businesses must adapt to the 21st Century. 
  • Political and economic globalization – international and intra-state trade – national and international standards – mobility of persons and enterprise. 
  • The need to balance public law regulation and avoidance of needless or unjustified (given costs and risk mitigation benefits) restrictions on commercial and personal liberty.
  • How to balance needed public and private sector innovation with protection of core legacy principles and practices of democracy and functional states. 

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Product Formats

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Product Features

Integrated Institution, Workplace and Corporate Training | Earn While You Learn
Post-Grad, Pre-Work and Pre-Business Programs
Business Development and Content Marketing Products
Integrated Technology, Training, Professional or Public Services
Program and Exam Preparation Programs
Competency Based Products (Not Credit Hour Focused)
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Note: We generally do not engage in assessments or the granting of credentials, but any person can ask potential credit grantors if a product can be recognized for credit purposes. Examinations can be approved and administered directly by the credit grantor or in directly through third parties.