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John Boon J.D. | 2050 Knowledge Canada | HKMK Law Canada

John Boon J.D. – owner of 2050 Knowledge Canada and HKMK Law Canada - is an active business, education and workplace lawyer, executive, speaker and educator - based in Vancouver, Canada and active globally.

"Two factors drive me. After many decades of life, work and enterprise – with triumphs and struggles - I have unique expertise and experience to offer and share. I also want my children and grandchildren and those they share the world with to have what they need to live as they want." John Boon J.D.

Training Mission

"The only way to counter the dark vision peddled by extremists is to have an uplifting positive vision". Bono 2018.

No one is isolated from matters of state and enterprise. No one can take for granted fragile liberties, personal and collective security or rule of law and democratic governance.

Building these systems is an ongoing, essential and grand endeavor that requires knowledge, commitment, innovation and protection of still valued legacy principles. We do our small part.

Our training products serve people in all sectors – and contribute to the training or content marketing initiatives of corporations, public agencies, associations, education firms, special interest advocates and professions.

We focus on current and emerging issues in two closely related areas.

1. The global, local, public and private elements of functional service and regulatory states that best ensure progress, liberty and security.

2. The legal and service realities and integration of education, work, enterprise and sustainable economic development.


We address complex issues and reach diverse parties by integrating the expertise and services of active and innovative professionals, writers, sector leaders or executives. They work with us on content development, issues management, presentations, hosting and promotion.

Contributors achieve business objectives and earn income from revenue sharing, licensing fees or service payments. They are not legal and joint venture partners. Training is contractually provided only by 2050 Knowledge Canada.

HKMK Law Canada

HKMK Law Canada, when retained, provides contract and regulatory management services to meet the legal needs of specific clients in a variety of business, education and workplace sectors.

Training does not involve legal services even if legal topics are addressed and presenters are lawyers.