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These training products from 2050 Knowledge Corporation and its Contributors arise from concerns that even in more developed and democratic areas of the world the future may not be as free, secure or prosperous as we would like – at least not for all, as it must be. No one can take anything for granted.

Internal producers and presenters drive most products. External professionals, executives, writers and sector leaders contribute so more issues are in focus and fully addressed. Contributors also assist with hosting and promotion.

We help people navigate their interdependent global and domestic political, government, legal, economic and business environments – whether they act as citizens, workers, professionals, enterprise owners or managers, investors, learners, teachers or consumers. No one can now isolate themselves from matters of state and enterprise.

We don’t just push information out. We create spaces and pull (invite) people into them so they can engage others, learn, present ideas, debate and dialogue.

Functional service and regulatory states – with public and private elements – provide life support for all in their personal, professional and commercial lives. Solutions to major threats – to the economy, commerce, social well-being, the environment and public health – depend on effective individual and collective actions that in turn depend on knowledge.

Public and private sector innovation is vital to ensure that gateways and obstacles to progress for all are removed, but it must be balanced with protection of positive legacies of law, liberty, democratic and functional governance and dynamic commerce that balances law and liberty – legacies now under attack.

Education, work and business are being positively innovated and increasingly integrated, but too slowly given status quo bias. Legal reality is important and often neglected. We help people understand the legal, commercial and contract realities of modern education, work, business and trade so their needs are met – not just the needs of status quo forces.

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