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John Boon J.D. – owner of HKMK Law Canada and 2050 Knowledge Corporation – is an active lawyer, executive, speaker and educator based in Vancouver, Canada and active globally.

HKMK Law Canada provides business, education sector and workplace legal services – including services regarding immigration and professions. 

2050 Knowledge Corp. provides global training products focused on the future and current issues of government, public and private services, law and justice, private enterprise, education and work.

NOTE: New 2050 Knowledge Site and Online Store Coming Soon. 

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Legal Services | Business, Education and Workplace Law | Public and Private Sector Reform

We provide and go beyond traditional legal advice and services – with a focus on business, workplaces and education sectors – and related laws regarding immigration or professions. 

Individual persons – as workers, managers, business owners, investors or consumers – must enhance their legal knowledge to work on their own or with their lawyers to achieve goals – and to prevent or address legal challenges.

We serve best when we are a regular part of the management team. The line between legal and management work is blurred. We can also perform management tasks with nominal legal elements. 

  • Corporate affairs – shareholder management.
  • Contract management – preparation, compliance and performance. 
  • Regulatory management – compliance – conflict management. 
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution – mediation – litigation preparation – litigation counsel referrals. 

We work with corporations, associations, government relations firms and government officials to pursue needed law reforms – and essential public and private sector innovation. 

Along with 2050 Knowledge Corporation and its training products, we pursue: 

  1. Reformed governance and systems of justice.
  2. Protection and enhancement of private rights – empowerment and wise regulation of private enterprise.
  3. Reimagined and integrated systems of education, work and enterprise.