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John Boon J.D. , owner of 2050 Knowledge Corporation and HKMK Law Canada, is an active business, education and workplace lawyer, executive, speaker and educator based in Vancouver, Canada and active globally. 

External professionals, executives, writers, journalists, academics and sector leaders achieve business and income objectives by contributing to content development, presentation, hosting and promotion. 

Contributors are not legal partners. Training products are provided only by 2050 Knowledge Corporation. 

Beyond direct training, we collaborate with or provide services to other training and education service providers and sector stakeholders. 

Training Mission  | The Now and Future of Law, Education,  Work and Enterprise 

“The only way to counter the dark vision peddled by extremists is to have an uplifting, positive vision”. Bono 2018

In this knowledge economy, success and security  for individuals and their families, enterprises or government actors depend on the knowledge they can draw on when they address challenges and pursue opportunities.

Functional service and regulatory states – with public and private elements – are mandated to meet the diverse needs of life, work and enterprise. They can only succeed if they expand and harness human liberty and ingenuity – and the full potential and capacity of every person. 

No one can take liberty, specific freedoms, private rights, democratic principles, stability, security and prosperity for granted or isolate themselves from matters of state and enterprise. 

Building these systems locally and globally is not a boring or optional project, but an essential and grand endeavour – that requires private and public sector innovation and protection of key legacy values and principles.  

Our missions and training products flow from the insights, conclusions and goals of many private and public sector leaders. 

  1.  To reinvent the “State” and systems of governance and service so they can meet the challenges and pursue the opportunities of the 21st century – while protecting key legacies. 
  2. To invigorate and reinvent private enterprises so they can contribute even more to economic development, social development and sustainability.
  3. To reinvent systems of education and work so all persons can pursue the studies and opportunities of their choice and not those imposed on them by others.   
Training Product Types and Formats
  1. On Demand Training Products | Onsite – Online
  2. Scheduled Training Products | Onsite – Online
  3. Vodcasts – Consultations
  4. Keynotes – Seminars – Workshops
  5. Interviews – Dialogues – Debates
  6. One Day or Half Day Events – Multi-Day Programs
  7. Master Classes
  8. Public Events and Programs
  9. Private Programs for Corporations and Industry Groups
  10. Private Programs for Community Groups and Public Agencies