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John Boon J.D. – owner of 2050 Knowledge Corporation and HKMK Law Canada – is an active lawyer, executive, speaker and educator based in Vancouver, Canada and active globally.

2050 Knowledge Corp. provides global training products and custom consultations  – focused on the future and current issues of government, public and private services, law and justice, private enterprise, education and work.

We serve private sector managers, workers, consumers, investors, education sector stakeholders – and public officials and citizens.

HKMK Law Canada provides business, education sector and workplace legal services.

“I am motivated by two factors. After many decades of life, work and enterprise – and related triumphs and struggles – I have unique expertise and experiences to offer and share. I also want my children and grandchildren and those they will share the world with to have what they need to live as they want.”

Contributors – Content Development – Presentation – Hosting – Promotion

We invite professionals, writers, journalists, executives and anyone with an issue they want addressed to contribute to content development, issues management, presentations, hosting and promotion.

They can achieve business objectives and earn income. Revenue sharing, service payments, licensing, co-marketing or other means of compensation are possible.

Except as expressly agreed and stated – contributors are not legal partners – and training products are provided only by 2050 Knowledge Corporation.

Training Mission | Functional States - Education, Work and Enterprise Integration

“The only way to counter the dark vision peddled by extremists is to have an uplifting positive vision”. Bono 2018.

Success and security for every person and group depend on the knowledge and ingenuity they can draw on – when they pursue their goals and address threats to economies, social order, the environment, justice and public health.

Modern learning and leadership require innovative education, training, workplace and enterprise systems that in turn depend on functional service and regulatory states – with public and private elements.

No one can ever take fragile liberties, private rights of action and association, democratic principles, stability, security and prosperity for granted or isolate themselves from matters of state and enterprise.

Building these systems locally and globally is an essential and grand endeavour that requires private and public sector innovation and protection of key legacy principles.

2050 Knowledge Corp. training focuses on hotly debated and integrated issues.

  1. Reformed governance and systems of justice – grounded in legacy principles of liberty, equality and social progress.
  2. Protection and enhancement of private rights – empowerment and wise regulation of private enterprise.
  3. Reimagined and integrated systems of education, work and business so all persons can pursue the studies and work or business opportunities of their choice.
  4. And a range of related and specific current affairs issues.