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John Boon J.D. , owner of 2050 Knowledge Corporation, is an active business, education and workplace lawyer, executive, public speaker and educator based in Vancouver, Canada and active globally. 

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External professionals, executives, writers and sector leaders  achieve business and income objectives by contributing to content development, presentation, hosting and promotion.  Contributors are not collaborators, affiliates or partners in legal terms. Training products are provided only by 2050 Knowledge Corporation. 

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Training Mission  |  Law – Education – Work – Enterprise

“The only way to counter the dark vision peddled by extremists is to have an uplifting, positive vision”. Bono 2018

Building strong and modern political, legal and socio-economic systems locally and globally is not a boring or optional bureaucratic project, but an essential and grand human endeavour.

No one can now take freedom, rights, democratic and enlightenment principles, stability, security and prosperity for granted or isolate themselves from matters of state and enterprise. Functional service and regulatory states – with public and private action elements – provide life support for all.

Public and private sector innovation is vital to ensure that gateways to progress for all – not just status quo forces – are removed, but it must be balanced with protection of positive legacies of law, liberty, good governance and dynamic, fair and sustainable commerce.

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Training products focus on essential innovation and the embrace and protection of constant legacy principles in public and private spheres. 

  1. Law – Government – Business – Functional Service and Regulatory States – Global Trade and Migration
  2. Education and Media Sectors – Workplaces – Entrepreneurship 
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